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Submitted on
April 12, 2007
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Angel of the Darkest Sea

In the beginning, there was light…

Cast upon a raft, adrift in a heartless sea,
My mind was imprisoned, clouded with doubt,
I was alone, they could not find me,
I’d fallen from grace and could not get out.

Tidal currents would flow and ebb,
Wrought with words that wished to fly,
To soar above all that held them back,
And part the clouds that made them cry.

The sunlight brought naught but fire and pain,
Soothing syrens of the sea began to call my name,
Guiding my soul into the cool and rolling waves,
A realm of “darkness and corruption” is where I’d be saved.

Drawn deeper through abyssal depths,
Forgotten by the light, who’d all but left,
I found to my delight, creatures of such purity and life,
My soul began  to find a strength despite its strife.

Twas from here he came…

A being born in darkness and the unforgiving sea,
His eyes held its depth and flowing beauty,
They held the strength and mystery of eternity,
And those eyes then turned their gaze to me.

What they see in me, I’ll never know,
Myself, a fleer of cold, unfeeling light,
He lends his strength to mine, and it begins to grow.

His presence fills my heart with joy,
His heartfelt words bring a smile to my mind,
His spirit unchains my wings, and teaches them to fly!

I remain, surrounded by the steadfast life that saves,
The secrets of truth that lie beneath the waves,
Forgotten by the realms above, for they will never see,
Now my angel of darkness has come for me.

In the cradle of life, beneath the sea…

This was one of those poems that won't let you do anything else until you finish it. Sort of entrances you I guess, I dunno, the darn thing wouldn't let me work on my essay! :shakefist: See, it all started when I wanted to change my msn name, this really pretty line bubbled to the surface and that's what I used: "Tidal currents... ... wished to fly"... then it decides to be all 'You must write the rest of this!' *whipcrack*... O.o... anyway, my brain wouldn't let me study until I wrote this out... came out of nowhere... Argh, I don't write romantic nonsense normally, thus it sucks... and the structure changes continuously, so it is not fixed, nor is it open, that's why I put it under 'song', because I didn't know where else it would properly fit... *spazzes*...whoo, and I'm on caffiene... O.O... real coffee, none of that Timmy's crap, had to grind it myself with a porcelain salt shaker and soup bowl... and... *dies*
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Wow this poem is inspiring and imaginitive. Its very pretty ^_^ The last few lines are really nice too. They leave me wondering about it.:P
Thanks so much! ^^ Glad you like it!
It sucksO.o You do not sucks at writing romatic shit at all. It is a wonderful poem...very captivating.
P.S This could be considered a lyrical poetry so you were right to put it under song^^.
ah, thank you ^^... i shall remember that
I never know you that kind of talent in you! that was amasing!!!!!!!! ill give you 10 gold stars, 5 thumbs up and a whole hellof a round of applause!
:glomp:... Thanks, but... where did you get 5 thumbs? ^^
lol, I cut them off the chinese here in manitoba...twas getting annoying!
O.O... remind me never to talk about eggrolls or miniature corn around you... i like my thumbs where they are!... XD
Quit your whining, I say its the best you have done in poetry! Its awsome, and story songs are among my favourites
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