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Submitted on
June 16, 2008
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My Destiny…

Can it be so? How would you know? Where could I possibly go?

Ghoulish questions float in plumes of liquid wax,
Burning through peace of mind they leave their tracks.
In and out of conscious thought I wander through,
While my undead phantoms cycle fro and to.

Must it be? Why can’t you see? What shall I choose, fight or flee?

Cry as I might for a moment of peace,
Cruel laughter will rise from the ghosts of unease.
A hand is offered, my mind may yet be free,
But find I may, its severed stump of mockery.

Is this a dream? What have I truly seen? Will nothing be as it may seem?

Here exhaustion finds a welcome place,
While the smile stays pasted ‘pon my face.
Fighting still I must for others’ sake,
A brilliant actress I would make…

Will this forever be my destiny…?
So my brain wouldn't let me work until I wrote something... It was at the point I began to speak only in rhyme, that I thought that poetry was greatly needed at this time... O.o
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Wow, thats...i honestly don't know what to say other then it's amazing.
Bonny0405 Jun 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OOOh ... dark

Very moving though.
CelticMagician Jun 16, 2008   General Artist
XD And yet you're still peaking in rhymes! Good poem though! :3
How so? In rhyme I think I would not peak... however, a rhyme is very common when I speak... XD
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